Found Objects: It’s All In The Details



Reisig and Taylor, "LACMA Lamps," 2014, part of our current auction benefitting LAAA

July 18th, 2014  

Found Objects: It’s All In The Details

Our Duchampian approach to collaging the week’s fascinating, bizarre and banal tidbits turns in on itself this week. We’re finding art in everything — the sky, the changing room, even the toilet flush. Art sales are shifting in every way possible, too. Between the odd future of online auctions, a Kardashian’s kounterfeit and a household name blocking his own sales, everything’s coming up crazy. Get all this — and a peek at Los Angeles’ architectural Achilles heel — in this week’s Found Objects:

The future of hellish air travel looks a lot like a modern-day M.C. Escher.

While Jeff Koons is elevating his balloon dog’s status to that of the Nike logo, Sterling Ruby is embarking on an unprecedented six-week collaboration with one of fashion’s finest.

“To me it’s odd that in this supercharming, unusual place we have an asphalt parking lot.” A wry observation about the mall or The Guggenheim Helsinki?.

Pencils down, paddles up: Washington Post employees are getting first crack at the newspaper’s famed art collection.

This Japanese exhibit about human waste — yes, you read that right — is executed surprisingly well.

Looks like LACMA has got a case of Gehry envy. (And while we’re talking LACMA, have you seen these lamps?)